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Using streaming to view recordings

The IP VCR supports streaming, which involves sending recorded media (audio and video) to a remote computer, allowing the user to watch and listen to the recording.

To view a recording using streaming:

  1. Go to Recordings.
  2. Click Watch next to a stored or in-progress recording. (Note that HD recordings cannot be streamed until the recording has completed and the video has been transcoded into streaming media.)
  3. If you want to display and choose advanced streaming settings, click the link. Choose the settings you require referring to the table below for tips.
  4. Click Start streaming to view the recording.
Field Field description More information

The preferred bandwidth to use for streaming.

The exact options available depend on how the IP VCR was configured when the recording was made; typically you can choose to stream the audio portion only, or audio and video at one of two bandwidths.

Consider your network speed when choosing a bandwidth. For example, you might use a lower bandwidth if you are connecting over ISDN or a higher bandwidth over a T1.

Use Audio only if you are not interested in the video or are connecting over a very low bandwidth link.

Prefer multicast

For live 'in progress' recordings, where more than one user is viewing the recording, select Prefer multicast.

Multicast streaming allows an unlimited number of people to view a recording while it is being made on an IP VCR. It cannot be used for streaming completed IP VCR recordings: more than one person can view the same completed recording at the same time, but each does so on their own unicast connection. Note that you cannot use Windows Media Player to view a live recording on the IP VCR in multicast mode.

Play audio and main video

Select this option to stream the audio and video.

If you clear this option, then neither the audio nor video will play.

Video size

Choose a size (resolution) for the video.

This option affects the size of the media player when it opens.

View content channel

Select this option to stream the content channel.

If you clear this option, the content channel will not play.

Content size

Choose a size (resolution) for the content channel.

This option affects the size of the media player when it opens.

Playback controls when web streaming

If you watch a recording using web streaming, control of playback is performed using the streaming application you are using. To play, pause, fast-forward and so on, refer to the documentation that accompanies your streaming viewer. The player size can be chosen from the drop-down list on the 'View Stream' page.


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