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Displaying security status

The Security status page displays a list of active security warnings for the IP VCR. To access this information, go to Status > Security.

Security warnings identify potential weaknesses in the security of the IP VCR's configuration. Note that some security warnings might not be relevant for your organization. For example, if the IP VCR is inside a secure network, enabling HTTP may not be a security issue. For information about all possible security warnings, refer to Understanding security warnings.

To acknowledge a security warning, select that warning and click Acknowledge selected. Acknowledged warnings will not appear on the IP VCR's Home page. If the IP VCR reboots, the warnings are reset and previously acknowledged warnings will need re-acknowledging.

To fix a security issue, click on the Action link for the warning message relating to the issue. When you fix a security issue, the security warning disappears from this list (on the Status > Security page).

Refer to the table below for details of the information displayed.

Field Field Description

The text of the security warning.


For every security warning, the state will one of:

  • New: A new security warning is one that has been raised by the IP VCR, but you have not acknowledged it. New warnings also appear on the IP VCR Home page.
  • Acknowledged: An acknowledged security warning is one that you have acknowledged, but have not fixed.

When you fix a security issue, the security warning disappears from this list..


For every security warning, there is a corresponding action that explains how to fix the security issue. Usually this is a link that takes you to the page where you can make the configuration change that will fix the security issue.

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