logo.gif VCR 2220
host: vcr.arnes.si

Displaying general status

The General status page displays an overview of the IP VCR status. To access this information, go to Status > General.

Refer to the table below for details of the information displayed


Field Field Description
System status

The specific IP VCR model.

Serial number

The unique serial number of the IP VCR.

Software version

The installed software version. You will need to provide this information when speaking to Customer support.


The build version of installed software. You will need to provide this information when speaking to TCustomer support.


The time since the last restart of the IP VCR.

Host name

The host name assigned to the IP VCR.

IP address

The IP address assigned to the IP VCR.

CPU load

The current processor utilization of the IP VCR.

Media processing load

An overview of the current media loading of the IP VCR.

System time
Current time

The system time on the IP VCR. Click New time to modify this value. The Time Settings page opens in which you can update the system date and time manually or refresh the time from an NTP server. For more information about the Time Settings page, refer to Displaying and resetting system time.

System log
  • User requested shutdown
  • User requested upgrade
  • Unknown

The system log displays the last eight shutdown and upgrade events in date order with the most recent system log event at the top of the list.

The log will also display unknown if there has been an unexpected reboot or power failure, which you should report to Customer support if it happens repeatedly.

Diagnostic information
Download diagnostic information

If required to do so by Customer support, click Download diagnostic information to save a set of diagnostic files.

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