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host: vcr.arnes.si

Displaying and resetting system time

The system date and time for the IP VCR can be set manually or using the Network Time Protocol (NTP).

To configure Time settings, go to Settings > Time.

System time

The current system date and time is displayed.

If you do not have NTP enabled and need to update the system date and/or time manually, type the new values and click Change system time.



The IP VCR supports the NTP protocol. If you are using it, configure the settings as required, and then click Update NTP settings.

The IP VCR re-synchronizes with the NTP server via NTP every hour.

If there is a firewall between the IP VCR and the NTP server, configure the firewall to allow NTP traffic to UDP port 123.

If the NTP server is local to Port A or Port B then the IP VCR will automatically use the appropriate port to communicate with the NTP server. If the NTP server is not local, the IP VCR will use the port that is configured as the default gateway to communicate with the NTP server, unless a specific IP route to the NTP server's network/IP address is specified. To configure the default gateway or an IP route, go to Network > Routes.

Port A and B must be configured on different subnets

Field Field description Usage tips
Enable NTP

If selected, the IP VCR uses the NTP protocol.


UTC offset

The offset of the time zone that you are in from Greenwich Mean Time.

You must update the offset manually when the clocks go backwards or forwards: the IP VCR does not adjust for daylight saving automatically.

NTP host

The IP address of the server that is acting as the time keeper for the network.


Using NTP over NAT (Network Address Translation)

If NAT is used between the IP VCR and the NTP server, with the IP VCR on the NAT's local network (and not the NTP server), no extra configuration is required.

If NAT is used between the IP VCR and the NTP server, with the NTP server on the NAT's local network, then configure the NAT forwarding table to forward all data to UDP port 123 to the NTP server.

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