logo.gif VCR 2220
host: vcr.arnes.si

Shutting down and restarting the IP VCR

It is sometimes necessary to shut down the IP VCR, generally to restart as part of an upgrade (see Upgrading and backing up the IP VCR). You should also shut down the IP VCR before intentionally removing power from it.

Shutting down the IP VCR will cause all playbacks to finish, allows the IP VCR to ensure that all recordings are cleanly ended and stored, and disconnects all recording and playback H.323 connections. In addition, the hard disk in the IP VCR is shut down safely - this is important to ensure the integrity of stored recordings. You lose network connectivity with the IP VCR for a few minutes while you restart the unit.

To shut down the IP VCR:

  1. Go to Settings > Shutdown.
  2. Click Shut down VCR.
  3. Confirmation of shutdown is required; the button changes to Confirm VCR shutdown.
  4. Click again to confirm.
  5. The IP VCR begins to shut down. The banner at the top of the page changes to indicate this.
    When the shutdown is complete, the button changes to Restart VCR.
  6. Click this button a final time to restart the VCR.

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