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Configuring encryption settings

You can configure the IP VCR to record encrypted conferences on an MCU and encrypted calls from H.323 endpoints, and to encrypt the connection when playing back a recording to an H.323 endpoint.

Note: An encrypted recording can be later played back to an endpoint that is not capable of AES encryption, and conversely a non-encrypted recording can be played back on an encrypted connection at a later date.

The encryption technology that the IP VCR uses for encryption to and from H.323 endpoints is Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

The encryption technology that the IP VCR uses for encryption to and from SIP endpoints is Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP).

To use encryption, you must have the Encryption feature key present on the IP VCR. For information about installing feature keys, refer to Upgrading the firmware. To access encryption settings, go to Settings > Encryption.

Refer to this table for assistance configuring the encryption settings. After making any configuration changes, click Apply changes.

Field Field description Usage tips
Encryption status

Whether the IP VCR is able to use encryption or not.

If you enable encryption, any connection to the IP VCR can either be encrypted or unencrypted. That is, the IP VCR advertises itself as being able to use encryption and will use encryption if required to do so by an endpoint.

If you disable encryption, the IP VCR will not allow encryption for any connection.


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