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Non-interactive recording of an endpoint

Depending on the configuration of the IP VCR, you may be able to make recordings non-interactively. That is, after connecting to the IP VCR, recording takes place automatically, and with no feedback to the user. If you would prefer to have more feedback when making recordings, consider using the recording console (see Using the recording console). Otherwise, refer to the sections below for further information on making non-interactive recordings:

Understanding non-interactive recordings

Non-interactive recording gives no feedback as to the status of recording. The IP VCR will not send video to your endpoint, typically causing your endpoint to display a blank screen. You will not be able to monitor how the recording will look.

When the call to or from the IP VCR is connected, recording will typically start immediately. However, the IP VCR may have been configured to delay recording until coherent video is seen. Your system administrator may have configured theIP VCR in this way to ensure the best quality of recordings.

If you are unsure of whether the IP VCR will start recording immediately or not, wait a few seconds before starting to speak; this will ensure the best quality recording in all circumstances.

Connecting in order to make a recording

Calling the IP VCR from a video endpoint

To make a non-interactive recording by calling the IP VCR using your video endpoint, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm with your system administrator that the Default incoming call action of the IP VCR is to answer incoming calls by recording them immediately (non-interactively) (see Configuring global connection settings).

    Alternatively, determine whether the IP VCR has any Recording IDs configured and registered with a gatekeeper, allowing you to make a recording by dialing a phone number (see Configuring gatekeeper settings).

  2. Connect to the IP VCR using the method chosen in the previous step.
  3. Recording will start when the call is answered.

You can also call into the IP VCR from an MCU. See Automatically recording a conference on an MCU

Being called by the IP VCR

You can use the IP VCR web interface to call out to your video endpoint and record the session non-interactively. To make a recording in this way, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the IP VCR web interface as an administrator or user (see Logging in to the web interface).
  2. Go to Recordings.
  3. Click Call out and record. The Recording parameters page is displayed (see Calling out from the IP VCR).
  4. Name your recording, and identify the endpoint you want to call out to.
  5. Ensure Use recording console display is not selected.
  6. Click Call endpoint or Call selected endpoint.
  7. Answer the call on the video endpoint. Recording will start.

Controlling the recording

The nature of non-interactive recording is that the user has little or no control over recording. When you have finished recording, simply hang up the call to end and store the recording.

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