logo.gif VCR 2220
host: vcr.arnes.si

Adding and updating gateways

You can configure the IP VCR with one or more H.323 gateways:


Field Field description More information

The descriptive name of the gateway.

All gateways must have a unique name.


The IP address or host name of the gateway.


Motion / sharpness trade off

Choose whether to use the unit-wide/blade-wide setting for motion/sharpness trade off, or configure an individual setting for this gateway. Choose from:

  • Use box-wide setting: this is the default value. In this case, connections to the gateway will use the motion/sharpness tradeoff setting from the Settings > Connections page
  • Favor motion: the IP VCR will try and use a high frame rate. That is, the IP VCR will strongly favor a resolution of at least 25 frames per second
  • Favor sharpness: the IP VCR will use the highest resolution that is appropriate for what is being viewed
  • Balanced: the IP VCR will select settings that balance resolution and frame rate (where the frame rate will not be less than 12 frames per second)

The settings for motion (frames per second) and sharpness (frame size or resolution) are negotiated between the endpoint and the IP VCR. This setting controls how the IP VCR will negotiate the settings to be used with this endpoint.

Preferred bandwidth from IP VCR

The network capacity (measured in bits per second) used by the media channels established by the IP VCR to a single participant.


Preferred bandwidth to IP VCR

Sets the bandwidth that the endpoint will advertise to the IP VCR when it calls it.


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