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Understanding the Connections list

The Connections list displays information about all recordings and playbacks currently in progress, as well as calls to the auto attendant (see Understanding the recordings list and Using an auto attendant). To view the Connections list, go to Connections. See the table below for an explanation of the fields that display:

Active connections

An active connection refers to any call into or out of the IP VCR (whether to watch or make a recording), or a web streaming session. The following information is displayed for each connection:

Field Field description Usage tips

The name of the recording being made or played back. Click on the name to display the connection status page, which shows more detailed connection information (see Viewing connection status).

Alternatively this field may display a special purpose name, for example Auto attendant if the auto attendant is in use and a recording has not yet been selected for playback.


A brief description of the type of connection, for example Streaming playback, Recording or Auto attendant.

Sort the list by this field to group all active recordings for easy reference.


A more detailed indication of the connection progress.

A recording session may indicate that recording has yet to start, while a playback session may show how far through the recording playback has reached, as well as the total recording length. If relevant the number of streaming viewers is shown.

Start time

The time when the connection was created.

A connection is created for each call into or out of the IP VCR.


Displays a sample still video capture of either the playback or recording, if available.

For recording sessions, the video media being recorded is previewed; for H.323 playback, the video media being played back is previewed.

A preview may not be available for all connections, for example when web streaming or if HD video capture mode (see Configuring recording settings) is on.

Connection controls

Ending connections

To end a connection, either recording or playback, select which connection you want to disconnect by selecting its associated check box in the Active connections list, and clicking Disconnect selected. You can end several connections at once.

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